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Wineries of El Dorado County

Fining Agents

Fining Agent
Rate of Use
Best Used For
Sparkolloid 5 - 7 grams/ 5 gallons All wines Heat slurry of 1-2 cups water with Sparkolloid simmer 15 minutes and add to wine stirring. After fermented, three weeks before a racking
Bentonite 10-40 grams/ 5 gallons White Wines Slurry with juice or water in blender Add to must prior to fermentation
Isinglass 1 Tablespoon/ 5 gallons White wines that haven't clarified with Sparkolloid. Soak in 2 Cups water with 1/2 teasp. Citric Acid for 30 minutes. Prior to a racking
Gelatin 1/4 oz./ 5 gallons Red Wines with excess tannin Dissolve in 10 oz. hot water, let sit for 10 minutes Stir thoroughly into wine. After fermentation, up to three weeks before bottling
Egg Whites 1/2 egg white/ 5 gallons Red Wines with excess tannin Whipped to a soft froth with some wine and water then mixed in thoroughly. In barrel/glass at least a month before bottling
Polyclar (AT) 2.5-12.5 grams/ 5 gallons White Wines to remove oxidaytion reduce astingency Thorough mixing Before, during or after fermentation.