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Wineries of El Dorado County

Another "tea-wine-by-stages" recipe from Mr. F. G. Spark,
of 88 Old Winton Road, Andover

Collect 1 1⁄2 pints of tea left over from the teapot into a 1 quart bottle, add 6 oz.
sugar, 4 oz. raisins or sultanas, one saltspoon of dried H.H. yeast, or the equivalent
amount of whatever yeast you are accustomed to using.

When you have collected four bottles as above, place in a gallon jar, add one
ounce of Carraway seeds and the juice of two lemons, or level teaspoonful of citric acid,
fit air lock. Strain after one month, and carry on in the usual manner until fermentation
ceases; then bottle.

This may be drunk in 12 months but is much improved by keeping for two years.
If the wine should cloud up in the bottle do not throw it away as it has this habit,
like plum wine it will become quite clear again after a few weeks.