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Wineries of El Dorado County

Fruit Wine Recipes

 El Dordao Home Wine Making is not responsible for the result of the below listed recipes
They are posted as is, please follow directions carefully and please use common sense.
Posting these recipes is time consuming, more will be added as time permits.
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A - Wine Recipes
Apple Wine Agrimony
Almond Apricot


B - Wine Recipes
Blackberry Wine Recipe Banana Wine
Blackberry Wine Recipe #2
Blueberry Wine Barley Wine


C- Wine Recipes
Carrawattee Cherry Wine
Citrus Wine   Concord Grape Wine


D- Wine Recipes
Dandelion Wine Dried Bilberry Wine


E- Wine Recipes
Edlerberry Wine  


F- Wine Recipes
Fig Wine  


G- Wine Recipes
Grapefruit Wine  


H- Wine Recipes
Honeysuckle Wine  


I- Wine Recipes
"Instant" Wine  


M- Wine Recipes
Maize Wine Mangold Wine


P - Wine Recipes
Plum Wine (5 Gallons) Pomegranate Wine 5 Gallons
Peach Wine Prune Wine


R- Wine Recipes
Raisin Wine Raisin Wine (2)
 Rose Hip Wine (1)  


S - Wine Recipes
Strawberry Wine(5 Gallons)  


T - Wine Recipes
Tinned Peach or Apricot